Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chips race at home

Ludington and MCE paid MHS a visit on Tuesday the 15th. After the MS runners did their thing (great job, junior Chips!) the HS girls took off. Kelly Schubert took first with a sophomore course record time of 21:31. Other Chip finishers were Lacey Krolczyk (8th, 25:09), Erin Crothers (12th, 26:13), Courtney Stefanski (13th, 26:20), and No'el Solis (15th, 26:33). The lady Chips fell to the Orioles, 20-41, while MCE finished with an incomplete score.

The MHS boys took 2nd as well, finishing behind the Orioles 15-59, while MCE was 3rd with 65 points. Not the team performance we were hoping for, but we will meet those teams again later this season, and the results will be different!

MHS was led by Jarret Deisch (7th, 19:50), followed by Tyler Sievert (10th, 21:11), Jonny Bailey (13th, 22:02), Marcus Kling (19th, 22:34), Trinity Derooy (22nd, 23:39), Mason Wallace (23rd, 24:16), Nathan Morang (24th, 24:27), Trent Schmeling (26th, 24:45), Tyler Guzikowski (28th, 24:55), John Stickney (31st, 39:56), and James Agle (32nd, 42:08).

The MHS girls are now 3-2 in head to head competition, while the MHS boys are 2-3.

Thanks to all of the MHS volunteers that helped with the meet! We couldn't have put this on without you!

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